‘Loved Ones’

Soul Energy Paintings

These paintings are an energy portrait of someone special in your life, expressing their spirit essence, The circle is a mandala, a sacred geometry symbol and portal that connects you to the energy of your loved one, through space and time.

The flow of colour and energy in the artwork offers you an energy reminder to feel the love and peace you have in your heart when you think of your Loved One, knowing their loving presence is with you, always together.

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More about these special paintings…

Loved Ones soul energy paintings are a very special way to celebrate life, whether it be to remember someone who has transitioned back to spirit or to welcome a new spirit to this realm.

Your soul energy painting helps keep their energy close, lighting up your heart and bringing harmony, colour and love to your home.

It is a special artwork that will be treasured forever.


  • These watercolour paintings are a one-of-a-kind gift of a loved one who is in spirit - family member, friend or a beloved pet.
  • It serves as a celebration of their life and a placeholder for them to connect and be with you always.
  • A unique and special keepsake that brings smiles, gratitude and joy to your living space and your life.

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(She appears at the top of the page)

I am at a loss for words to describe the sheer beauty of the Loved Ones Energy Painting that Jenny created of my daughter.

From the moment I laid eyes on the painting, I was captivated by its vibrancy and the meticulous strokes that evoked its beauty. Every glance reminds me of how wonderfully personalised this work of art is to me.

This painting has become the centrepiece of my home office. Every day, I take pleasure in gazing upon it and recalling the story behind it. It holds deep personal meaning to me and occupies a special place in my heart.



As soon as I saw the painting I connected straight away, then I saw all the hearts and felt the the joy, and it was so Nicola. She had such a huge heart and was a light in the world and it’s that light I see in the painting.

It brings me great comfort. I can feel the love exuding from it, I can feel her presence and it connects me to her. The colours are just so special.

When Nicola first passed I asked a friend “Where do you think she is?” He replied “Everywhere.”

The painting looks like a map of the world to me and I think of her spreading her love everywhere, here and on the other side.


Frequently asked questions

What is my investment?

$495AUD including packing, handling and postage to anywhere in the world. Order and pay online at the time of your order. I will contact you by email as soon as I receive your order to confirm the name for your painting.

Please allow 4-6 weeks for completion of your order. (Outside Australia allow extra time.)

‘Love Your Loved One’ Guarantee 

Take 60 days to enjoy your special painting at home in your own space. I wish your Loved One painting to bring you enjoyment, connection and peaceful loving energy. Otherwise you may choose to activate your Guarantee which entitles you to a full refund (there will be a $50 processing fee.)

What do you need for a painting?

I only need the name of the person, pet or the mother/parent if is for an baby in-utero. Then I connect with the spirit (or soul) of the person or pet and ask permission from them to make a painting. I feel their loving presence with me as I paint and I feel honoured to be able to create this gift.

What is it you see?

Everyone’s energy field has a special colour combination, it’s like a moving sea of intertwining colourful rivers, Sometimes I get knowings, feelings, sensations and impressions of the person, but not always. If I notice anything specific I will pass it on to you. (Please note, I’m not a medium and don’t communicate that way)


What paint medium do you use?

My favourite medium for these paintings is watercolour because I am able to recreate the effect of the flowing colours of the soul blending and moving together that I sense. I want to capture that aliveness in their portrait.


Are there revisions or previews?

I generally complete the whole painting in one sitting so I am uninterrupted while I am connected to the person/pet's spirit energy. I don’t stop for revisions or do previews. Once complete and ready to send I will send you a photo,

Can I get one of my own energy?

Yes! It serves as a reminder of who you really are, a colourful spark of the Divine, and it is an unconscious reminder of your soul purpose. When you take a deep moment to breathe and sit with your energy portrait you allow your intuition (which is the vehicle through which your soul speaks) to come through more clearly. 

Payment, size, framing, delivery?

Payment is by Paypal or Direct Deposit. The painting is on A3 size paper, mandala diameter is about 20cm. If you want a larger painting please contact me for a quote. Your painting comes unframed, flat packed and sent by registered and insured mail or personally delivered if you are in Sydney. Allow 4-6 weeks delivery.

About me

Hey there! I'm Jenny McFadden.

I have been 'reading' energetic signatures of the physical body and connecting with a person’s soul energy for many years. These new Loved Ones paintings are a coming together of my intuitive abilities and my background as an artist.

They first came about when I was looking for a really special gift for two of my good friends, one had lost her daughter and another was pregnant with her first child. Each spirit sat with me as I painted their energy portrait. Creating these paintings is something I love to do.

Your soul energy painting will be admired by your visitors because it is a beautiful artwork, but unless you share its personal meaning they will be completely unaware of it‘s deep meaning and significance to you.

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  • I will contact you for the name of your Loved one.
  • Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery (extra time if outside Australia).
  • 60 day 'Love your Loved One' Guarantee.
  • $495AUD Payment by Paypal or direct deposit at the time of your order (after payment please email me to confirm your order and arrange the details.
  • contact me at jenny@jennymcfadden.net
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